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Here you can find news, pictures, videos, everything you need to know about AJ and so much more! Your ultimate fan resource dedicated to former WWE Diva AJ Lee!Johnson came out to speak to the crowd before RAW went on the air to explain the filming that would be taking place after the show, his hope people would stick around to populate the crowd for the film, and how they would recreate the AJ/Paige match.And while the crowd was understandably excited to see The Rock, and amused by Vince Mc Mahon briefly joining him on the entrance ramp to deliver his patented “You’re fired!The film, directed by The Office co-creator/Logan actor Stephen Merchant, is based on the life of WWE superstar Paige and her family of British wrestlers.With WWE co-producing, RAW was being used this night to double for… Specifically, a recreation of the night Paige made her debut in WWE following her time in NXT, immediately winning the Divas Championship from AJ Lee in the process (before that title was replaced by the current Women’s Championship).Punk (AKA Phil Brooks) of course not only quit WWE a few years ago, but did so under very bad circumstances, with no indication the two sides have mended fences since.

like he has to act really stoic or just a happy robot all the time and when he experiences emotions is so interesting how he is portraying his character. can't wait to see you in so many k drama next time... I'm not a fan of Beast, and I only know Yeseob and Gi-kwang's names. I was really surprised to see him in Monster, I was just curious after reading the synopsis, and bamm I was I have this pretty face somewhere.We hope you like the site since we did it with so much love for AJ and all of you, her fans!Have an awesome day and don't forget to comeback soon!”, it was Johnson’s second, post-RAW appearance where things got especially interesting.When Johnson again mentioned AJ, as he described the scene being filmed, the crowd began chanting “CM Punk,” evoking AJ’s real life husband.^_^ His character in "Woman with a suitcase" is by far my favorite, his chemistry with Joo Jin-Mo and Choi Ji-Woo is undeniable. He's definitely becoming one of my favorite actors. Looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future now that I'm such a big fan in just watching him in his recent "heard it through the grapevine, vampire detective and mr. Lee Joon is a wonderfully talented and most under-rated actor. I hope he'll continue to receive the recognition and scripts he so rightly deserves.

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