Who is andi petrillo dating


Post City Toronto also revealed that the first time Andi and John met, they were on a road trip to Salt Lake City for a game. And one night, yes we got there, Andi couldn't hear Jon's knock.

Andi recalls that it was a tiny charter and she couldn't stop laughing seeing 6'5'' Jon Conway trying to adjust in such a tiny charter. Turns out Jon was just waiting there as Andi didn't hear him knock.

He waited until her floor director noticed and told Andi. They knew they wanted to marry after just 5 months of dating each other.

When she saw John, he was all wrapped out in coat, gloves, scarf, boots and hat standing out of the window in dead winter. Jon proposed Andi after a fun filled weekend where they enjoyed playing hockey and soccer.

He would tap on the window to make sure he got her attention.

Andr Petrillo, a Canadian sports broadcaster is married to current Toronto FC's coach Jon Conway. And with Andi’s marriage it seems like you can find love at work too.Throughout the trip Andria tried to make conversation, but as she put it, “Jon actually turned his back on me, so I decided to be indifferent as well.” Andria didn’t give up though, she knew he could not resist her charm forever! At the time, Jon was living near the Air Canada Centre.He would go grocery shopping often, just so he could walk by the studio where Andria was working on the pre and post game shows for Leafs TV.Petrillo has often joked about her first on-camera gig: "Figures, as someone of Italian heritage, my first opportunity would come as a restaurant reporter. " Petrillo's role began to grow at the station and in 2004 the title of Sports Host and Producer became available.The station manager at the time, Lisa Mc Clean Stellick, wanted Petrillo as her sports host, but was met with some push-back by some executives who were concerned about having two women at the desk for the nightly newscast, as the main news host was Jennifer Buchanan.In April 2010, Andria Petrillo, a reporter for “Gol TV Canada” was travelling with the Toronto FC soccer team.

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