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In this seminar, forward-looking figures in the law enforcement community discuss their contributions to the Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety and examine how law enforcement can be improved through the adoption of community-minded policies. D., Bowling Green State University In this seminar, Dr.

Peggy Giordano of Bowling Green State University presents preliminary findings from the Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study (TARS), a thirteen-year longitudinal study examining the lives of young people transitioning into adulthood. Giordano led a team of researchers who performed five waves of structured in-home surveys paired with in-depth qualitative interviews with a subset of respondents who had experienced violence within the context of their dating relationships.

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8, 2016 – TV One redefines the dating and game show genres this January with the debut of The Game of Dating. Throughout the show, the teams, as well as Rock, will offer their funny and uncensored commentary.

• Mychal and Ashlynn meet up on a gorgeous Los Angeles beach and bond over Tantric Yoga on the sand, which involves some up-close and personal maneuvers for these blind daters!

Stand-up comedian Tony Rock has a host of accomplishments under his belt, including spearheading his own sketch comedy series, “The Tony Rock Project” and revamping the legendary talent competition show “Apollo Live.” Now, Rock is redefining the dating and game show genres as the host of TV One’s “The Game of Dating.” by offering provocative and hysterical new takes on classic dating show scenarios.

The team found that there are numerous processes within early relationships that increase the risk of teen dating violence occurring, and a window on change — that is, factors associated with 'desistance' from this destructive pattern of behavior.

Further, they found that when compared to adults, teens typically exhibit fewer gender-related differences in their patterns of violence; and the issues that trigger teen violence revolve more around anger than around control. King, Sam Houston State University John Risenhoover, NIBIN National Coordinator, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bill King discusses the operations of the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN), a program through which firearms examiners at state and local crime laboratories compare tool marks on fired bullets or cartridges found at a crime scene to digitized images of ballistic evidence in a nationwide database. King headed up a team of NIJ-funded researchers from four universities (Sam Houston State University, Arizona State University, American University and the University of Cincinnati) that examined the value of NIBIN database "hits" in solving crimes in which firearms are used. Firman from the IACP will talk about implications for law enforcement, including soon-to-be-released recommendations based on the IACP's 2012 summit on wrongful convictions.

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The two embark on a scavenger hunt – following clues that take them to the heart of Hollywood, where this date takes a turn that will change their lives forever.These results are expected to raise awareness and understanding of violence experienced by American Indian and Alaska Native people.In this video three internationally-renowned experts from the research and practitioner arenas discuss how community policing can be used to prevent violent extremism and reduce violence within communities.He will talk about the team's findings and recommendations for improving the tactical value (using a NIBIN hit to link crimes that were not previously known to be related and, in turn, identify suspects) and the strategic value (helping law enforcement understand larger patterns of gun crime, including criminal activities of street gangs and drug cartels) of the NIBIN program. King will be joined by John Risenhoover, NIBIN's national coordinator at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who will discuss how ATF has used the research findings in an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of NIBIN. Dennis Rosenbaum, Professor of Criminal Justice and Psychology at University of Illinois at Chicago In the face of budget cuts, changing workforce demands, new varieties of crime and new technologies, how should police executives manage officers and other personnel and still ensure that organizational goals are being met? Dennis Rosenbaum, Director of the Center for Research in Law and Justice at the University of Illinois, Chicago, discussed the latest findings from the NIJ-funded National Police Research Platform on the organizational dynamics of American police agencies. Professor of Law, Justice, and Society &Director, Washington Institute for Public and International Affairs Research American University John R. The summit brought together experts from throughout the justice system to talk about preventing wrongful arrests and convictions. D., Associate Professor of Economics and Policy Analysis, Pepperdine University, and Mark Kleiman, Ph. Professor of Public Policy, University of California, Los Angeles A small number of offenders who are heavily involved in drugs commit a large portion of the crime in this a super honest look at what goes on behind-the-scenes in the life of singles. “The Game of Dating is a hilarious, jam-packed series filled with comedy, huge reveals and excellent play along,” said Brad Siegel, President of TV One.

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